Why Wear Facekini? What we learned from our fans

Why wear Facekini? Here are a few reasons we learned from our fans. Why do you wear your facekini?

Facekini for Sun - why wear facekini

Facekinis are a great solution to protecting against harmful sun damage to your head and neck when outdoors. Covering your skin with clothing also protects against other beach hazards such as stinging jelly fish or insects. Sun block creams and lotions, when applied properly, can be an effective method to protect your skin. However, many skin types are sensitive to the chemical ingredients used in formulas, resulting in allergic reactions, pimple breakouts, or embarrassment that are totally preventable.

Facekini for Fun - why wear facekini

Wearing a facekini mask is not for everyone. Let's face it (... get it, face it! haha...), most people don't wear accessories that cover the entire face unless they want to hide or protect something. Face masks are normally used for disguises or role playing, protection from impact during sport activities, or for comfort against climate. Our facekinis are made in a variety of colors and patterns so that they can be enjoyed no matter what you're doing. One fan ordered yellow facekinis for a baby chick costumes in a play. Another fan ordered a dozen red facekinis to wear with their team sport uniforms. Our fans love taking pictures and sharing them with the world on instagram and facebook.

rainbow of facekinis

Facekini for Life - why wear facekini

For the past four years, we've shared laughs and good times with facekini fans all over the world. We started learning about facekinis with the intent to share a little bit of sunshine and laughter with everyone in the world. Soon after, we quickly learned how facekinis are more than just another internet sensation. Emails and letters came in from fans all over the world telling is why they wear facekinis. We were surprised to learn that many of our friends found facekinis as a solution to address life's ups and downs.

Do you know anyone that snores and uses a C-Pap machine? Try wearing a facekini under your mask to reduce wear lines on your skin.

Do you wear a helmet to travel or work? Keep a facekini on to help with a snug and comfortable fit.

Do you have a skin condition that makes it difficult to go in the sun, or requires topical treatment? Facekini blocks the sun and prevents lotion medications from getting on your clothes or pillows.


These are a few reasons we learned from our fans. Why do you were facekini? Tell us in comments below.