Sun protective clothing, like the Facekini, is the single most effective form of sun protection, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation ( 

The construction, design, and even color of the fabric will determine how effective the garment is at blocking damaging UltraViolet radiation.

Celebrity Gwen Stephai covered up at beach with son KingstonWhen choosing your sun protective clothing to use in addition to your facekini, there are several factors you should consider.
Our Facekini sun masks have been certified at independent fabrication testing labs provide the highest possible rating for skincare protection in the US, at a rating of UPF50+.

Construction of the material.

Look for tightly knit or woven fabrics that have minimal space between the threads, such as denim or corduroy. This prevents light from passing through the spaces in the fabric. Synthetic fibers such as polyester or nylon, are more dense threads compared to cottons, linens or other natural fibers, which means Facekini's nylon fabrics provide better coverage.

Color or texture.

We see colors due to the reflection of light against different materials, or dyes. White or light colors allow light to pass through the material more easily than darker colors which absorb the light and prevent light from continuing through the material to the skin's surface.

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